October - 18, 2017

The Rail "express" is open from 11:00am to 2:00am. Give us a call for delivery or pick up and we’ll be happy to send you our new takeout menu.

The Rail restaurant is open 24/7. (450) 635-4318

Daily soup

Beef chili

Pizza tocino

Tomato sauce topped with bacon, spinach and mozzarella

Penne di salmone

Penne with roasted salmon and asparagus in a black pepper, lemon and dill cream sauce

Mole style roast beef

Roast beef marinated with tomato, pineapple, cumin, chipotle, oregano, cinnamon, cocoa and coffee topped with roasted almonds served with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Soy Dashi fish and clam stew

A mix of pollock, tilapia, sole and clams in a broth with vegetables and rice topped with green onions and sesame seeds

Braised beef panini sandwich

Braised beef with tomatoes, pickles, red onions, grainy Dijon mustard, cheddar cheese and jalapeño mayonnaise